Erosion Control Installation


Install the roll of erosion control blanket in the trench you've just dug. Place at least 12 inches of the blanket above the trench, extending up the hill. Install anchoring staples through the blanket and into the bottom of the trench. The staples should be placed no more than a foot apart in the trench.

Lay the top of the erosion-control blanket in the trench so that it lies flat against the bottom. When you do this, the roll of blanket should be on the side of the trench away from the slop. This will allow the blanket to cover the trench when it is unrolled onto the slope.

Coconut/straw blankets are typically recommended for areas that require higher flow rates, steeper slopes, or longer-term use. Since coir is typically longer lasting and stronger than straw, these blankets are able to accommodate areas with significantly higher flows or steeper slopes.